A weekly log of my preferred drug of choice- excercise cycling, skiing, running, farkle


Mar 31-April 6, 2014 (Killer Fun break in St. George)

monday 31- 3.0 hrs/2000′ 28 miles E2 trail ride Jem trail

tuesday 1- 5.5 hrs/5300′ 80 miles E2 road ride to Pine Valley

wednesday 2- 4.5 hrs/3600′ short jog, 2 hours E2 trail @ Guacamole, 2 hours Zone 4 Barrel Roll trail

thursday 3- 3.0 hrs/2500′ E1 trail Santa Clara trails

friday 4- 5.0 hrs/3000′ E2 trail Jem trail loop with hurricane rim

saturday 5- 7.0 hrs/7000′ 40 mile road ride up Kolob Canyon, 15 mile run West Rim Trail Huge Day!

sunday 6- 0 travel home

Summary- 28 hours, 23500′ BIG WEEK!


Mar 24-30, 2014 (Off to St. George for spring break 2014!)

monday 24th- 1.0 jog/lift @work

tuesday 25th- 4.0 hrs E2 road spin- 62 miles, 2500′

wednesday 26th- 2.5 hrs E2 road spin- 41 miles 1500′

thursday 27th- 1.0 jog/lift @ work + 1.0 road spin E2

friday 28th- 0 drive to St. George

saturday 29th- 3.5 hr E2 mtb Gooseberry Mesa- 26 miles 1300′

sunday 30th- 3.0 endurance run 2200′ 15 miles Chinley trail/Coal Pits Wash & 1.0 road ride Z4-5 climb up Snow Canyon 1500′ 20 miles

Summary- 17.0 hrs/9500′


Mar 17-23, 2014 (attempted to recover for final Rando Race of the Season- Dogtooth Dash.  Felt pretty good day of race, stoked to close the chapter for the season)

monday 17th- 1.0/1000′ jog on lone pine

tuesday 18th- 1.0 jog/lift

wednesday 19th- 1.0 jog/lift @work

thursday 20th- 1.0 stretch/lift @ work

friday 21st- 1.0 hrs/3000′ (2700′ vertical race Dogtooth Dash- avg 182 bpm/ 61 ft/min 9th place

saturday 22nd- 3.5 hrs/7500′ (6200′ individual race Dogtooth Dash- 4th place, felt solid

sunday 23rd- 3.0 hrs/1000′ skied Kicking Horse, bootpackin’ Terminator, and a short jog at home to stretch the legs

Summary- 12 hours/11000′- I obviously suck at verticals, have some definite improvement to do there


Mar 10-16, 2014 (Birthday week, had some good lift served and finally a backcountry day)

monday 10th- 2.0 hrs/4200′ upper endurance pace (48’/min) on skinny gear

tuesday 11th- 5.0 hrs/3000′ hard threshold effort 2000′, lifts, then 3 hour road ride

wednesday 12th- 1.0 jog/lift @work

thursday 13th- 3.0 hrs/6500′ 30 minutes of 1′ full throttle/1′ reco then tempo

friday 14th- 3.0 hrs- bell to bell skiing at Big Sky

saturday 15th- 4.0 hrs/4000′ mellow fun tour in Beehive Basin- Birthday Backcountry!

sunday 16th- 2.0 hrs/4300′ sub threshold efforts on skinny gear

Summary- 18 hrs/22000′


Mar 3-9, 2014 (still high avy danger, got a cold, still managed to win a little rando race)

monday 3rd- 1.0 hrs jog/lift @ work

tuesday 4th- 1.0 hrs/2500′ 3×10′ zone 5 intervals on skinny’s

wednesday 5th- 1.5 hrs/4500′ zone 2 skinning + 1.0 jog

thursday 6th- 1.0 hrs jog/lift @ work

friday 7th- 1.5 hrs road ride E1 + 1.0 hrs/2000′ skin big zone 3

saturday 8th- 4.0 hrs/5000′ Jack ‘n Jill Rando Race (only 2100′- avg 182 hr/59 ft/min) + climb up Little Lockheart Mtn

sunday 9th- 1.5 hrs run/lift @ work

Summary- 13.5 hrs/14,000′


Feb 24-Mar2, 2014 (avalanche danger still high, cold snap came back to town)

monday 24th- 3.5 hrs/2000′ canyon laps and ridin’ lifts

tuesday 25th- 1.0 jog/lift @ work

wednesday 26th- 2.5 hrs/5300′ race workout 2×10′ threshold + 5×5′ threshold & 1.0 hrs/1000′ fat biking

thursday 27th- 2.5 hrs/4000′ z2 mellow skinning/canyon creek

friday 28th- 1.0 jog/lift @ work

saturday 1st- 1.0 job/lift @ work

sunday 2nd- 1.5 hr jog

Summary- 14 hrs/12,500′


Feb 17-23, 2014 (fairly mellow again, as backcountry is death trap and was resting for a Race)

monday 17th- 3.0 hrs/4000′ mellow canyon creek touring

tuesday 18th- 1.5 hrs/3000′ varied length intervals on biggie + 1.0 hr on trainer

wednesday 19th- 1.0 hr jog/lift at work

thursday 20th- 3.5 hrs/2600′ mellow skinning skiing pow on lifts!

friday 21st- 2.0 hrs/2000′ mellow tour at Kootenay Pass, B.C.

saturday 22nd- 4.0 hrs/7000′ – 6th place at Kootenai Cold Smoke Rando Race (raced great, got lost) avg hr of 174 with avg ascent of 55ft/min- powdery conditions

sunday 23rd- 3.0 hrs/2500′ poker run tour/b.c. olympics/cooling down from a fun weekend!

Summary: 15.5 hrs, ~18,500′


February 10-16, 2014 (fairly mellow week, recovering from back injury)

monday 10th- 3.0 hrs/5000′ skinning mellow on biggie

tuesday 11th- 2.5 hrs/4500′ b.c. skiing off biggie

wednesday 12th- 1.0 trainer z1, 1.5 trail run 1300′

thursday 13th- 2.0 b.c. ski 1500′ (turned around due to avy danger), 2.5 z2 road spin (sunshine and squals!)

friday 14th- 1.0 trail run z2 1100′

saturday 15th- 2.5 hrs/5500′ skinning @ Blacktail: Pyramid Intervals!!!  1.0 hrs road bike z2 spin, always enjoy getting to multisport (one of the joys of global warming)

sunday 16th- @work- 1 hour core/lifting

Summary: 18 hours, ~19000′